Thursday, July 9, 2015

Unfuzzy pets

Definitely not a kitty or a puppy.

Today was Pet Scan day to see if the cancer is anywhere else in my body.

We were at the hospital early and had time to watch the video in the reception area. My nervousness was not at the scan but the needles. My veins have a way from hiding from any medical professional with a needle.

The nurse was NOT going to let my veins escape and inserted the needle.

My next assignment was so lie quietly for an hour and I couldn't read. Doing nothing is not part of my make up. I wondered how do people stand years in solitary confinement with nothing to do.

I made up a story that I'll blog later today in my Http:// called Goldilocks and the NSA and the Three Bears.

The pressure on my bladder grew worse and worse. I hate bedpans. Still I grew so desperate, I rang for the nurse. My surprise was that I was allowed to walk to the toilet. It was a 31 (see blog below) which explains the desperation.

Then it was time for the scan.

I undressed and and climbed on the table. The male technician injected a fluid that was warm. The room was cold, a delight after the days of the canicule. Now that the temperature has dropped the desire to be in air conditioning is less. I wish I'd had the test last week when I was melting.

The machine, the technician said, costs millions. A group from the UK was just over to see if they should buy it for the NHS. The hospital does about 15 pet scans a day.

It is also multi-lingual and told me in English to take a deep breath and hold it. It also told me to breath again. Until now everything had been in French. The technician wasn't sure how many languages the machine spoke, just a lot. This is good for a city that is 47% foreign coming from all over the world.

The movement thru the machine was so slow that I didn't really know I was moving until I opened my eyes and saw the top of the machine in my range of vision was no longer the top of the machine but a ceiling light.

I could see beyond the machine and birds flying by the windows.

The next part was to turn over, put my breasts thru two holes. This test was only ten minutes, half the time. Again my bladder started acting up.

As soon as I got off the table I headed for the loo. 28. The technician afraid I was ill came running after me and was relieved to know the real reason.

At 3:30 we will head to see my surgeon for the results.  I'm scared me but I will at least know that one reason for chemo will be eliminated if the rest of my body is clean.

Rick blogged his feelings while waiting. I am so sorry he is going thru this. I know it proves how strong our couple is, but I could have done without the proof.

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