Saturday, April 2, 2016

Hair growth

I know of all the things to worry about with cancer, hair should be the least important. Hair does not cause death unless you get it caught in some kind of moving apparatus.

But I am vain. I didn't like being bald. Even my husband's wonderful offer to shave his locks didn't make me like my bald head even more. And if I couldn't have hair, he should have his.

So, when sprouts began to show on my head a few weeks after chemo ended, I was thrilled. Over the years I wondered what my real color was. And deep down I've always admired and wanted white hair. However, I was too vain to spend months with real color roots and red ends.

Well, my sprouts seem to be gray or white.

And I so appreciated this gift from Swiss friends sort of a pro-voodoo hair preview.


White hair--good


Let's see if my head will match the gift.