Friday, April 6, 2012

I made the decision as of February 1 not to take the medication they told me to take for five years. Early mornings were like being newly pregnant, my joints ached and I was losing my hair. Dr. Tran had shown me the stats for women with my type of cancer at my age with my treatment and the difference in survival rates were not huge. People in my age group are dying of all sorts of things including being in my age group. The alternative she said was Avastin. I wasn't sure. I have a great disregard for medicine in general and wish doctors would look more into the tests before prescribing including the parameters of the tests and who would pay for them. For new drugs it is impossible to know the long term effects, but at 69 and 3/4s I'm not worried about what the drug will do 30 years from now. I took the prescription and didn't fill it. It was great feeling normal again. I'm no fan of the FDA. Afterall they are funded by the companies whose products they test which is a major conflict of interest. Last November they stopped recommending Avastin for breast cancer.