Saturday, July 4, 2015

boob musings

I called my gynie to tell him. Last surgery I didn't, and after the hospital notified him, he called me to make sure I wasn't upset with him. He wants to make sure he is there to help me as needed. 

He has encouraged me to come see him after I see the surgeon and I probably will. With the heat, leaving the cool house unnecessarily is on my low priority list. However the canicule can't last forever, can it?

Until I spoke with him I'd ruled out the idea of implants. It did flash through my mind it would be nice to look almost normal when undressed.

This morning I went on line and researched the option.

I learned there was saline or silicone. I read there were problems with about 1 percent of the implants but they were pretty horrific. I knew there was a scandal not that long ago about silicone implants leaking and  causing problems. The problem was the manufacturer that couldn't be bothered with quality control. France offered replacements to women, the UK did not.

I know implants can be done at time of surgery but there's more follow up care. The idea of having to see a doctor every couple of weeks to inflate my boob doesn't thrill me.

And they may have to be replaced which would mean more surgery.

The more I think about it, the more I don't want those things in my body.

I also learned about prosthesis. There was even a knitaboob directions if I wanted to make one myself. I do have lots of colored yarn in the nest so I could probably make several.

The women I know who opted for the prosthesis look normal when dressed and I'm not in the habit of asking them to undress to see what the scars look like.

And I remember the breast tattoo that Facebook kept taking off its pages.

The art work is beautiful, but tattoos hurt too. And I would still be uneven in my clothes.

Nope, I think I'll opt out of the implant. It is a personal decision and every woman may have reasons to or not to depending on what feels right for them.

So at the moment, no implants, no tattoos and the knitting needles may come out just for the challenge of it all.

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