Saturday, July 25, 2015

My last weekend with my breast

My right breast and I are spending my last weekend together.

I admit, I don't feel very friendly to it. It has caused me a lot of trouble.

Since I've decided against reconstruction (which would be full paid for under the Swiss system) it wasn't a monetary decision but not wanting a foreign substance in my body or even the most remote potential for any additional surgery should something go wrong.

My wonderful housemate has also shared some of her experiences which had taken any anxiety from a level to 10 down to a 2.

Immediately after her surgery and before she had her prosthesis, she needed to go to dinner. She was not really worried, but uncomfortable with the idea she might look lopsided. Suddenly her face brightened.

"I knit," she said and went to her yarn stash. Within minutes her yarn-stuffed bra left her looking like her normal attractive self.

Then my friend Karrie send me this website showing favorite cartoon women with the scar.

Anxiety level went to 0.

I will wear my scar proudly, because it will be a survivor badge. If it is good enough for Wonder Women and Mrs. Simpson, it will be good enough for me.

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  1. Wear you scar with pride! I am lopsided and proud...2 ops a year ago. GHood luck...try to relax pre means they use less sedation.