Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I need to tell my housemate about the biopsy because of inter-twinning plans that have deadlines.

She went through the same things a couple of years back, a second bout and loss of a breast.

"I don't mind losing a breast, I dread the thought of chemo."

"Unless you insist on keeping the breast and removing the lumps they don't do chemo or radiation." She does  add that lymph node involvement might change that.

"It doesn't really hurt.

I remember how quickly she bounced back almost as if she'd just gone to the dentist for a filling under Novocaine. She hated that she couldn't drive and did before she should but only because I nearly knocked myself out on a car door.

I feel better talking to her. She wrote." There is still hope and again even if, you'll be in Geneva, you'll have
Rick and me and you'll get on with it and have a lovely life even after!"

I'm not alone.

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