Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Gazpacho and house release

My first day out and another day ticked off until my surgery on the 28th. 

The heat here is in the high 30s, but after the British golf match we headed for Marro. I told the new waiter, we ate there almost as much as we eat at home.

All day I'd been fantasizing their gazpacho--but it wasn't on the menu. 

I asked Roberto, one of the regular waiters when they'd have it again.

He disappeared and a couple of minutes later stood in the doorway to the terrace with his thumbs up.

My gazpacho was served in mason jar.

As we waited for our meal, a little bird flew onto the terrace and decided to join us. I didn't have time to focus before he flew away.

Being out of the house was wonderful.

Being almost pain free is wonderful.

Being closer to losing the breast is wonderful. 


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