Friday, July 10, 2015

I can't do anything normally.

Cancer of the gall bladder is rare.

Thus when my breast surgeon said that they thought that bright glowing spot in the MRI was gall bladder cancer, I was shocked. They were having a meeting that night to discuss it and my treatment.

There were many questions she couldn't answer as it was not her specialty. "If I were to operate on it, you would be in danger of dying," she told me. I feel a bit guilty for pestering her for information that she couldn't possibly have. She was great for all breast related questions and it was good news that only one lymph node was involved.

As we left the hospital, Rick suggested we go see Stevan, my gynie, for a copy of the ectograph done in May. He thought that maybe that might be the cause of my esophagus attacks. We discovered the organ was a regular rock quarry.

I didn't have an appointment, but that was not a problem.

"Cancer of the bladder? Rare!" he wrinkled his nose and summoned the other doctor to another ectograph. There had been some changes in size, I still had enough stones to build something substantial and there was no bile, no liquid. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I was given the report to take to HUG. No conclusion possible without more tests.

Rick is convinced it is an inflammation. Maybe it is denial, but I hope he is right.

Having a gall bladder out as the first step in treating breast cancer is certainly not the normal way to do it.

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