Monday, July 27, 2015

I am in the hospital with the wonderful name of HUG. My roommate, who will also be eligible for the Pygmy Amazon Woman's club after tomorrow, originally from Brazil but we worked thru our strange French accents. She now lives in Fribourg.

Breast surgery makes kindred spirits of us all.

I went to the lobby where Rick set up between visiting hours. I wanted to reassure him I was okay, but I didn't stay long. Supper was about to be served. Beef patty, yellow beans and Seminole with pineapple for dessert. Nicely flavored.

Not sure when I will get to eat again.

On the way up in the lift, the doors opened on the third floor.

A set of teensy twins rolled by in a bassinet. Since there were no tubes or oxygen, they had to be okay.

A good omen.

For my first breast surgery as I entered the operating room, I saw a new born.

Babies, the promise the world should continue.

Babies a sense of hope.

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