Friday, July 17, 2015


I didn't realise the attractive young woman with the long brown hair dressed in slacks and a tshirt was my surgeon.

I have noticed that most of the medical staff are just out of 2nd grade, or maybe 3rd.

When we clarified who she was, she explained the procedure.

They would try with a laparoscopy where the suspected cancer spots were, biopsy and if cancer would open me up. Otherwise they would just pull out the rock-filled gall bladder.

She asked me to show her my stomach.

I did.

With a blue marker she drew a line, made five dots and wrote "MASS" and then she was gone.

The next time I saw her, she was smiling. "No cancer." No being opened up. Gall bladder was history, although she didn't put it that way in French.

It took J, Rick and me a while to figure out what MASS meant. It certainly wasn't a recommendation to go to church. It was her first initial and the first three letters of her last name.

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