Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Treatment Safety

"Votre nom et date de naissance."

"Nelson, Donna-Lane 24 juillet 1942" I told the nurse, even though we had met at least 20 times and we knew about each other's families, living situation and some of our hopes, dreams and a disappointment or two.

She had a hand held-device for:
  • My hospital bracelet with my name and birth date
  • The bag with my name and birth date that was about to be pumped into my body
  • The list on the list of the drugs and the quantities with my name and birth date
It all went into the portable computer. A few minutes later it came back that all was correct.

She did that for each bag.

It is called the process dur. Each treatment the nurses apologize for the stupid question of whom I am.

I don't care what they call it. It guarantees I'll get the proper medicine and the dose prescribed by the doctor.

Only after these steps does she turn the tap on and we resume our normal conversation.

All systems in all my medical procedures are filed first under my birth date. It is almost like a mantra
"Nelson, Donna-Lane 24 juillet 1942."

Discrimination is wrong when applied to a minority group and should be stopped. It is equally wrong when applied to a majority.

Discrimination is wrong. Full stop.

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