Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Great Chemo

Yes, I know that great chemo sounds like an oxymoron, but it wasn't.

I was in a different room and the view and color tones thru the window were incredible.

The staff is providing a stick pin for all the women who are presently in chemo. There are a lot of us sadly, but the group is considered one of the best in Switzerland and that means every person here has the best chance possible.

But the nicest part was the wonderful conversation with Daniella. Marie-Odile, the nurse who stayed with me the first two times was on a deserved holiday. The two women are very different and show their caring in different ways. But they ooze caring.

We talked as if we were two women sharing a cup of tea, although I would prefer a normal tea room. As women we have so much in common that has nothing to do with cancer. They changed the dosage and eliminated the one that they think was overkill. I still had the pretty red liquid.

I am now 25% thru or another 27 more hours with the staff. The next process is a lower dose but weekly-nine times in three week segments.

Rick went down the hall to write...thank goodness. I love having him with me but he did have a deadline and I don't want him stressed.

We went to lunch across the street afterwards. The shrimp was delicious and I got to sample his veal and some of his real mashed potatoes, which I consider the ultimate comfort food.

Then home where he wrote and I gave in to mega sleepiness.

Upward and onward.

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