Friday, October 9, 2015

Restons Femmes

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The wonderful women in the video are those that stick me, tear off bandages, laugh and dance with me thru chemo, bring me tea, take out stitches when they aren't dancing around Geneva to raise awareness of the fight against cancer.

They are an incredible addition to my life. Anyone of them I would like as a friend preferably when they are without needles.

Today they put on a program, Restons Femmes, where in different nooks and crannies of the hospital there were ateliers and information for women with breast cancer. I met up with Michel, my wig supplier, and Amelie who will come to the house to measure me for my prosthesis and provide me with beautiful lingerie.

I had a massage that almost put me to sleep.

I cannot think of one thing that they possibly could have added to make it better.

Everything possible was there to remind us that we remain women with or without breasts.

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