Sunday, October 4, 2015

Cute Cardiologist

He could see me the next morning, but at 7:50. I learned that late the afternoon before.

His office was in one of those wonderful old Geneva apartment buildings with huge rooms and high ceilings. I could almost imagine moving around with long dress and bustle.

He put his hand out and I responded in French but we decided to use franglais. His family uses danfran. His wife is Danish and his small children kept him up last night. All in all he was adorable.

As I age, it seems like many doctors are somewhere in kindergarten, but I suspected he was at least half way thru first grade.

He allowed me to see my heart in all its glory and it was glorious that it is working just fine in all aspects, very, very much so.

And he thanked me for being willing to come in so early. To get an appointment in less than 12 hours that put my mind at rest and allows for ongoing treatment????? No, I thanked him.

As I went into the waiting room where Rick sat, I noticed he has issues of Courrier International.

Another reason to like him.

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