Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fly away Dr. V.

Hopitaux Universitaires de Genève (HUG) is a teaching hospital so it is time for Dr. V. who has been my oncologist to rotate after her year at La Maternité working with women who have breast cancer. A beautiful young woman with a smile that makes you feel better when she walks into the room. 

As she entered data into the computer, this little bird hopped up on the window sill. Without a word, I handed Rick my camera and he caught the little fellow before he flew away. It was a good metaphor, for my resident is flying away, although not far.  She will be at the main hospital starting 1 November which is only a few blocks from where she is now..

I feel much better about my treatment since Julia pointed out that the residents get the easy cases. The hard ones go to the professors. Have yet to see a professor.


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