Saturday, October 24, 2015

Calin and cancer

Elisabeth has great veggies and cheeses 
and she also gives great hugs.

Calin is French for cuddle or hug.

The French and Catalans in Argelès-sur-mer ordinarily greet people with two cheek kisses. It does take me a couple of days not to go for a third Genevan cheek kiss when I first comedown.

However, since I've been back after my first part of chemo, I have noticed something. I get hugged, hugged and hugged. 

Because I am on FB and because I email, blog or Skype with many friends, there is a village communication chain as efficient as any social media if not more so...thus people kept up with my progress.

My favorite mamie (one of the old women of the village was the first to sweep me into her arms. The second was Elisabeth, my green grocer who declared she was giving me energy. Now that isn't something that would happen in any supermarket chain. And so it goes...

Hugs are good in any language.

It makes cancer a little less sucky. Too bad they can't replace chemo, but c'est la vie it is still wonderful.

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