Monday, April 18, 2011

Wires and liquid inside

I see the lovely Claire, who was so nice when I did the prep work earlier in the week. Her son wants to be a writer. She tells me they are running a bit late because one of the nurses is off with a bad back. I am there all day, it is not a problem.

I also tell her hug in English is calin in French. She didn’t know that. Even my Anglophone housemate hadn’t thought of that, but the locals call it Youge with a hard G but she was using mainly French when she came into contact with the hospital many years ago and more times than she would have liked.

Pascal from Parma finally is free to insert the wire into my breast.

I think it will hurt.

It doesn’t.

Dr. Colo from Cameroon (Pascal from Parma, Colo from Cameroon—how much alliteration will there be in my stay?) inserts dye into my breast in three places. Again there is no pain, just slight discomfort.

“When you get back to your room massage it for 15 minutes then swing your arm for 15 minutes. It disperses the liquid.

I’m obedient.

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