Monday, April 25, 2011

My life is white

Before my diagnoses for breast cancer, I scheduled a colonoscopy. After four wonderful days with friends from all over the world in Argelès, I'm back in Geneva on the pre exam diet which is no fiber and mainly white foods: potatoes, pasta, non grain anything, chicken, white fish.

Maybe because I feel deprived of beautiful fruits and veggies, which interest me far more than meat ever did, I notice that my right arm is painful, although still no more than a 1.5 or 2 on a scale of 10. Until now it.s been .5.

Maybe, the people doing the pain study will be glad to see it. They might have wondered if I have nerves.

I think I'll go up the street where there are pink trees in bloom and around the corner where fields of rapeseed make sunglasses a necessity.

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  1. Hi, Donnalane. I am acquainted with you through Facebook. Glenn Kittredge is married to my cousin, Debbie. I hope your recovery from surgeries is quick with as little pain as possible.
    I like tattoo idea. A year ago I had 5 hospitalizations that included 2 major surgeries: cervical spine laminectomies and abdominal surgeries. I have a "zipper" scar from breastbone to bellybutton. I want a tattoo of a hand reaching out the top of the incision to grasp a zipper tab as if zipping my belly shut. A tattooed man told me that scars don't take tattoos well. Oh well!
    I enjoyed Running From The Puppet Master. I like Leah. Do you have a sequel?
    I wish you continued healing and the joy of renewed vision.
    Russ Martin