Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Maybe some day I’ll learn that what I plan doesn’t happen and what I don’t plan for does.

For example: after helping a partner with his kids going through all the things that adolescents go through I was prepared for my daughter’s teenage years. She did none of the things the others did but picked her own little specialty. Overall, I got off real easy.

Likewise, I always thought the illnesses that would attack were heart, glaucoma, dementia. I never ever thought cancer would be, not that I was immortal but that there were only two cases in the entire family.

I have been really touched by my fellow writers who have sent so many lovely messages. All but one suggested a blog. It is true as writers when we writers go through anything negative or positive, it is almost impossible not to write about it, be it fiction, non-fiction, journal, blog or just the words running around in our head.

I’m still feeling lucky (with the exception of missing that one-on-one interview with Gordon Brown) that I am where I am. Even finding a managing editor for the newsletter right before I needed it was a stroke of luck. Amazing how much pressure that takes off me.

As the old line goes, if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. I'm through planning. Let the universe decide.

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