Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I love hot showers with water pouring down on my head. Between my two eye surgeries and the breast cancer surgery the affected areas have to be kept dry. I am bitching that I've been limited in this activity.

My new fantasy is to take a normal shower, lathering my hair with shampoo and baking in the hot water until my bones are warm.

In one way I am lucky because of the hand-held European shower heads that I can wash around my eyes on breast. It is small consolation that I don't have to avoid both my eyes and breast at the same time.

Normal showers will happen again after April 28, but never again will I take showering for granted. Meanwhile I am allowing myself a three minute pity party with each partial shower which is a fraction of the time of my usual shower.

Geneva is experiencing the driest year since 1975 and the hottest April since they started keeping records in 1880 something. I suppose I can say I'm being a good water conservationist.

Nah...I don't want to make the best of bad a shower. I want a long hot shower full stop.

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