Friday, August 7, 2015

S, S, M, P, C

Scheiβ,  Shit, Merde, Poo, Caca...

...And any other languages fecal matter can be called to show my disgust. At some level, I knew from the moment In Argelès when I heard the word "lump" or the French equivalent that chemo was in my future.

And it was the thing that I dreaded the most.

Yesterday we went to La Maternité. Dr. M was a bit late, but I expected what she told me. Had it been good news she would have telephoned me.

She took 17 nodes, the first 10 had cancer cells. She was surprised that I didn't have cancer in the gall bladder, and surprised it was in the nodes.

They think they got it all-- but to prevent a recurrence I will have 6 chemos starting in Sept. every third week. Then I get a month off and have 20 radios four times a week followed by an endocrine tablet regime.

Well this will be interesting. If there are no cells in my body we are going to make it a very inhospitable place for them should they or their friends decide to move in. The No Vacancy sign will be out.

Pascale, my favorite nurse, said she will be doing a stage in chemo so she will be there to hold my hand. I hope she is. What a ray of sunlight she is.

Onto finding wigs.


  1. Sorry about the news and wishing you well in the next phase of treatment - you CAN beat it!

  2. Please know that we're with you--and that our tears help bathe you. --E.