Friday, August 14, 2015

Next step

Two hours seemed like it would be a long time to arrange for my chemo. It flew by as the staff walked me thru every step of the chemo process.

There will be three treatments three weeks apart with a doctor's appointment and blood tests after a week to make sure my white count is where it should be. At some point a nurse will come to the house (yes you read that right, COME TO THE HOUSE) to give me shots to boost my immune system.

Then for the next nine weeks I have weekly sessions with different medication.

I've been given pills to control vomiting, the prescription for the week, a list of support groups for both myself and Rick.

I've been told the possible negatives: fatigue, mouth sores, hair loss, numbness, increased risk of infections. Bring 'em on.

As they explained...since there was cancer in my lymph nodes the goal is to kill any cell that might have snuck out beyond the ones they destroyed so they won't set up home anywhere else. I'm for that.

The sessions will take about half a day...less than I thought.

I was shown the chairs in misc. colors. I need to co-ordinate my wardrobe. I was shown the array of snacks, juices, teas and was reassured if I didn't feel like breakfast before I could get some basics there. I could bring a picnic if I wanted.

Rick could be with me if I wanted, if he wanted. I want what makes him feel best.

That it will be nine sessions not six was a bit disturbing, but we'll start right after I get back from France.

The sooner I start, the sooner I finish.

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