Saturday, August 1, 2015

damned drainage

One more day, they say.

I want them to say, "Your drainage is fine, get dressed and get out of here."

Unlike in the US one does not need to leave by a wheelchair. I'm debating skipping.

However, being there the extra day had an advantage. The woman who makes my future prosthesis stopped by with a catalog. The lingerie is fantastic. The model has had a mastectomy also but from the photos is impossible to tell.

There are several places to buy lingerie and a prosthesis here in Geneva, but this young woman is more than a sales person. She is passionate about helping us adjust and regain confidence. Just because losing a breast doesn't bother me, doesn't mean others aren't terribly upset and listening her talk to my roommate was heart warming.

And speaking of my roommate, we are having a really good time.

There is only one almost grouchy nurse and it is our goal to make her smile. She did when my roommate and I were prowling the corridor and joked we were working on a marathon but the triathlon would have to wait.

As much as I want to be home this day will pass with many small pleasures.

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