Sunday, August 23, 2015


I don't claim to be psychic.

Three years ago when J and I were off on an adventure our goal was Dijon but we never got further than Arbois and had a wonderful time. We arrived home to discover I had breast cancer.
This year coming back from Andorra with Rick, we were headed for Foix but a Prehistoric park caught our attention. We had a wonderful time. I felt that bad news awaited me despite being lump free. We arrived home to discover I had breast cancer.
At the time I thought that the heading-in-one-direction-and-ending-up-in-another-place was similar.

And I felt that maybe the cancer might have come back. I told myself there was no cause and effect. Cancer and changing plans are not correlated events.

Any time after the first cancer when I have an exam, I always feared the worse.

I told myself I was being silly.
I don’t think planning to do one thing and doing another causes cancer. I don’t think exploring new and interesting places causes cancer.

Part of me also thought if I clicked to give free mammograms I would protect myself from cancer.

What I do understand is how people can be superstitious even when it unreasonable.

However, I do know I’m lucky where I can get the best medical treatment possible at affordable prices. Not all women are that lucky.

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