Sunday, August 2, 2015

Home again home again

As the Little Piggies nursery rhyme goes "home again, home again, jiggerty jig."

The words, we'll detach the drain early this morning was exciting.

I was drained. I suspect it feels the same as a dog or cat who lost a tail feels.

Rick came while Julia waited in the car.

The jiggerty jig part was the problem. Not only is it the Fête de Genève which blocks the quai toward home, it was the one day in the year where bikes, skates anything but cars are allowed on many roads so each route was blockade by a young policeman or official saying we couldn't use this or that road.

We did make it home, but as Rick said it seemed to be via Italy.

Tomorrow I start physio and I've two follow up appointments, one of which I hope I hear the words, "no chemo" but I'm less afraid of the idea now.

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