Wednesday, July 13, 2011

to Tamoxifin or not to tamoxifin

The accent was thick and then he switched to English. Then I recognized that it was my gynie, who had just received my dossier from HUG. I had gone through my internist not him, not for any other reason than I want 90 percent of my records with my internist.

My gynie had a couple of concerns…that he had upset me and that he couldn’t have helped me though this.

I was about to make an appointment with him any way because he practices both regular medicine but he also considers nutrition and other issues and I’ve lots of questions on Tamoxifin, which I am supposed to take for the next five years.

Having been anti HRT I’m not sure I want to mess up my body with another medication. This was emphasized when I was Skyping with an old boyfriend, now a doctor in Florida who is anti this type of treatment. Although he has not seen my files he does know no lymph nodes were involved.

I admit I have no faith in any medicine approved by the FDA in the last 15 years. There have been too many fudged tests. And then the pharmaceutical companies pay for those studies. An employee at ISO once said they would give ISO 9000 approval to led life jackets if the jackets met the criteria set by the manufacturer.

Long gone are the days when thalomide was kept out of the American marketplace by the FDA. And I know of all those young women who developed cervical cancer because their mothers when they were in danger of having a miscarriage had been given a certain medicine.

If Dr. J thinks this is the best treatment, I will go with it. If not, I won’t.

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  1. Not an easy decision! Medicine is most definitely equal parts art and science.