Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The nuking procedure

The entrance to be nuked.It is a bit apart from the main hospital.

There's always water and bread in the waiting room.

I can't always get the dressing room with the penguin on the door. The cardinal is pretty too.

The table has numbers on it which correspond to numbers on your body for alignment. My arms are over my head in the red thingies The big machine in the back moves around to one side, buzzes for between 14-17 seconds. When you look at it from the table is is like a donut with red blinking light. I do think of donuts then of blueberry muffins and finally bagels. They lower the table and I'm done. As I've said the whole procedure lasts about one song, bud sadly the last few "nukings" the music has been off or too low to hear.

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