Saturday, July 16, 2011

Getting As in health

Friday I had several medical tests beginning at 8:15 which meant catching a bus no later than 7:20. Yuck.

The tests, although ordered by the hospital, were at L’Imagerie, the same place that they discovered the cancer.

I have the type A personality that feels I need to get an A in medical tests the same way I did in school.

The first exam was a lung X-Ray. The young woman was friendly as she put me in a position against a white panel. I passed Lung101. An A in clean lungs.

Then came the sonar. Dr. B. was a woman in her 40s, with thick black hair. She greased me and ran her sonar stick telling me to breath deeply.

“Why?” I asked, not that I was going to refuse.

“It pushes certain organs down so I can see them,” she replied.

I was able to see my organs on her monitor, but for the life of me all it looked like was a pen and ink drawing of waves. However she gave me an A in clean organs.

My bones were then scanned. Only a B+ or A-…Two little spots of osteoporosis one on my hip and one in the lumbar area just like two years ago.

Finally they did another scan and I have no idea what for. They strapped me to the table and I imagined waterboarding. Instead for 40 minutes this machine examined something. I fell asleep. Afterwards the doctor said, I had no problems. Another A.

Having to kill time before getting nuked it seemed only sensible to go to the Laughing Tea pot in the Vieille Ville, drink a pot of the tea of the month that contained sunflower petals and eat a scone. I can get an A in scone eating too.

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  1. I would have loved the tea and scone part! I know what you mean about wanting to get good marks, even on medical tests. In PT school, we used to get competitive on silly things like flexibility tests and recovery heart rates. Silly, silly, silly.