Monday, July 25, 2011

3 nukings to go

And instrumental music was playing during my treatment today.

Afterwards I met with the radiologist for the last time until November. When I told him about the hotspots on the thermographie, he stated that it was most likely the radiated area. Immediately he picked up his pencil and started drawing cells that have been zapped and giving me a talk on DNA especially when the radiation only hits half the cell and the other lives. As he explained it, the other half is wounded and even if it splits its children aren't able to live long enough to do much damage.

I do not have a problem tearing these cancer families apart.

It was part of the last rendez-vous to explain reconstruction possibilities and once again I pointed out that the scar is a memory much like my wrinkles, part of the experience of my life. If they'd taken my breast I might feel differently--or not.

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