Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Artistic doctors/a bit scarey

The titles are not the same.

My radiologist drew a lovely rectangle on my breast for the last six treatments directly over the scar. Today, FH, my favourite technicians painted it even more. He revealed he is indeed a painter and we talked about his work.

Now the scarey part. Having had long conversations with a former boyfriend, now a doctor and not being sold on Tamoxifin to control future growth I went to my regular gynie. He uses both conventional and non conventional medicines. He agreed with some of what my former boyfriend said, but also touted the benefits of using the Tamoxifin just in case, a try it for a while approach.

He also suggested he do a thermograph of my breasts to make sure nothing else much was there. The doctor who does them from Toulouse who knows where I can play golf cheap did it. There was some heat showing, which is not good. It does mean its cancer, but it means it needs to be watched. Shit.

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