Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Fighting Cancer, an allegory

TAXOLA rides her horse Energy in drops of the cancer-fighting drug stopping at the vital organs in search of a bad cancer cell.

So far she has found nothing. She is frustrated.

The she sees a group of white blood cells having a tea party.

She is furious. She and Energy are working so hard. The cells are loafing. Without thinking which type of cells they are (neutrophil, eosinophil or any of the other types), she lashes out.

Her sword destroys many of them, but some escape.

Taxola leaves the scene and she and Energy plod on to the liver, the bones on their quest.

She mustn’t give up. For the next seven weeks she will get new liquid to carry her and Energy around the body, but those white blood cells better begin doing their job too. The woman, her client, is getting tired of being tired.


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