Friday, November 27, 2015

Roller coaster

I've decided that chemo is a roller coaster and trying to predict and understand it, just isn't going to work.

At one point I was told:
  • One strong dose every three weeks three times. This was the one that turned my pee pretty pink then
  • Three weekly doses of Taxol with a week off in between three times a total of 9 doses for the Taxol and 12 chemos together
The first three left me tired but was much better than I expected with the time off to recover. I had good days and less good days. I was tired. It was up and down and okay.

However, after the first three doses of the Taxol I was looking forward to my week off.

Not so fast.

Seems the team thinks that it would be better to do 12 straight so instead of being half way thru I have eight more weeks.


I don't understand that the day after chemo I feel wonderful, normal, have energy.

The next day less so and until the next chemo I can feel everything from almost energetic to I've-got-to-lie-down NOW. I call it hitting a wall. It happened last night at Thanksgiving dinner, happily after I'd eaten everything I wanted. 

Smack. We left the restaurant and went home

Today I do a bit of this and stop, a bit of that and stop. 

I never wanted to ride a roller coaster. Now I have no choice.

Oh well, eight more treatments. 

I can do this, but I am still never getting on a real roller coaster.

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  1. You CAN and ARE dong this with a great support team and wonderful attitude!