Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Winning Kudos

Boy, did my husband win kudos by bringing flowers to the nursing team during my chemo treatment. He didn't do it get better treatment for me from the staff. I can't get much better treatment unless they have a magic wand to make it all go away. It was a thank you and recognition of their general wonderfulness.

I kept hearing, "C'est de marie de Madame Nelson. Il est gentil," which I kept hearing from the room where they gather. And yes, he is gentil.When I was in a ward with six beds and five had flowers and one woman did not, he brought her a small bouquet.

As for the rest of the new protocol, it was the usual wonderful chatter and tea with the nurses, explanations, etc. 

It is always wonderful to see Pascale's smile. Marie-Odile had a good vacances and her back is better. I learned about Cristine's children and that my birthday is her saint's day.

This is the first of nine treatments over the next 11 weeks and are supposed to be less intrusive.

One advantage is that it makes me sleepy, so I napped thru at least half of it making the time go faster. Sorta like when on a drive with someone else at the wheel.

Still sleepy for the rest of the day, but no nausea, I hope this energy level continues and all my white blood cells decide to stay home.

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