Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Moving along

Five down seven to go.

What I don't understand is after chemo and the next couple of days I feel wonderful but then as the week goes on, I seem to downgrade into tired and my asthma seem to get worse. 

Chemo has helped my pimples.  

I  don't recommend this as a beauty treatment, but if I have the disadvantages, I might as well take the good stuff.

Nurse C. forgot the raspberry tiramisu recipe but she says next week.

Another nurse asked me to change my 10:30 next week appointment to 8:30...switch with a woman whose has a seriously ill husband and has a temporary caretaker problem.

Of course, not that I like to get up that early and at 10:30 we miss commuter traffic, but I can just imagine how hard this must be for her plus caring for a sick mate.

I look at Rick, writing across the table for me, and am so grateful for his good health. 

We will set two alarms next week. We will finish closer to an early lunch at the restaurant across the street from the hospital where we go each week. Our first fidelity card is almost filled which means one free meal.

More important the food is good and the owner now greet us friends.

I mean it 100% when I say, life is good.

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