Tuesday, September 8, 2015

White blood cells

For some reason I need to have my white blood count looked at in the Enfant Hôpital. The route to the lab is lined with wonderful paintings. By the time I crossed to La Maternité for my check up the results had been sent to my doctor.

Yup, I feel like sh-t because of low white cell count. Never fear, they had another injection for me ready to go leaving my pin cushion status in tact. The nurse doesn't like Facebook but does Skype and the conversation made me forget I was being stuck yet again.

On Friday a nurse will come to the house Friday to give me a more powerful cell builder. I picture white Legos being stacked in my bones.

Was also thrilled to learn that it will be a local anesthetic for the insertion of the box and a trip to the South of France could be possible between types of chemo. 

All good news.

At the entrance of La Maternité is a flashing sign of stars and rotating names of children born in the hospital during the last few days with a message welcoming them to the earth. It is impossible to walk by it without feeling happy. 

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