Saturday, September 12, 2015

hair savings

I really didn't mind losing my breast. After all it was out to kill me. But I am at the point my hair is supposed to fall out.

I tell myself I will save 116CHF (US$119). I won't be having that 100CHF hair cut and even though my roots are just begin to peek out, I won't bother to dye them saving another 16CHF.

If it starts to fall out, I hope it waits until Tuesday. I have a dinner tomorrow night with friends and a skin doctor appointment on Monday.

Rick wants to document the process of real hair, wig, baldness and then regular photos for the regrowth.

The wig man is waiting. I have the prescription so insurance picks up the cost of the good wig, and we are still planning on doing some cheap fun ones. In the 1960s I had many wigs and would match them to whatever I was wearing.

However, when I'm bald will I be able to sing like Sinead O'Connor, write music like Pasal Obispo and act like Yul Brynner did?

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