Sunday, September 6, 2015

Forced Marches

I don't know whether to thank J or not for telling Rick that walking got her through chemo. He has taken it seriously although his whip to get me out and moving is more done with love than the actual torture device.

However, it does give us wonderful hand-holding, picture-taking, chatting time, not that we ignore each other when we are in the house.

Here's some of the happy moments in today's hike.

Leaving the house to a beautiful view.

We always take our cameras. Two things we search for are photos for this week's theme in our Facebook With Flying Colors, shadows and reflections. We found them.
 Other things like a blue splotch on a tree just catch our eye.

Then we have developed a whole story scenario around stuffed animals. Today it is Dusty Bunny putting his moves on Honey Bunny. The whole thing goes back to my daughter's high school days, that we've picked up decades later.

I do appreciate that Rick added a pink ribbon to Honey Bunny.

I know this chemo is to keep any cancer cells that may be hiding in my body from finding a new home. I know to not be sick, I have to feel lousy. However, I will not waste this time without finding pleasure every second I can.

So take that chemo...forced march or not.

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