Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Life editing

'I guess this is one of these times when you have to go through what I like to call "life editing": stripping it down to the very essential with resting being a big chunk of the essential.'

These words of wisdom came from my French daughter, an exceptional young woman of no blood relation but four decades of caring make her a family member of choice, whom I don't just love but respect. What a pleasure it was watching her survive the various struggles of growing up into the talented and fine human being she is.

She was referring not just to my cancer but to her own changed life. With two small boys and and her husband's work schedules her life has changed focus on the essentials.

Likewise with my cancer. I should have been on a plane to Edinburgh for a three-week stay today. Instead I've made lamb stew, the first major cooking I've done since my first chemo and will take a walk later. Cutting the veggies, searing the meat had its own pleasures and the walks, which my husband insists on I used to call forced marches. Now I see them as treks of discovery.

Somethings like seeing an opera, a boat trip, evenings with friends all depend on doctor's appointments and energy levels. I've never edited my social life like this.

But it is all right. Each day brings me its own joyous moments... sometimes because of the editing I am even more aware of them and savor them in a way I didn't before.

She added, 'All in all, we are very busy and this is a period with little time outside work and family.'
I could say 'All in all, we are controlled by doctor's appointments limiting other options.'
When her boys are older and a sleepless night is because one of the boys is out with the car, when my treatments are finished there will be time to do other things. We hopefully will look back on all the good moments we've had during our period of life editing.

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