Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A puddle

35° and I'm a puddle. Although I tend to be always cold, I can put on sweaters. When it gets hot like this I can only take off so much clothing to go out in public and it has nothing to do with the scar over my nipple but a lot to do with not wanting to gross people out with my aging body or being arrested for indecent exposure.

The cool of the treatment salon is more than welcome. It could have been a better day to have a longer appointment 2.1 songs (Cat Stevens (finishing as I entered), How Deep is Your Love and Cohen's Wild Rose). I wasn't nuked any longer, but they took a little longer in set up.

I'm one-third through. 17 more treatments to go.

The temperature is supposed to drop to the mid twenties on Wednesday. No predictions on the songs that will be played. I wonder if I could bring my own CD. Nuked to Garou???? possibly.

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