Friday, June 24, 2011


Number 21 finished to the song "Personality." I wonder if I'll ever hear a French song. Treatment was a song long...which is a variation of the slang, "It was a song," for something simple.

This time the three technicians were men, and they noticed my miniature book earnings with real paper pages. I explained I was given them because I'm a writer. They wanted to know if my books were in French, and I said no. I'd given a copy of Running to the Puppet Master to my physiotherapist but she reads in English (also in French and Swedish)

My lovely housemate drove me this time, and a stop at a tearoom was necessary afterward.

20 to go. Unfortunately next week they are Mon-Fri.

My housemate is pushing me to call the coupe de feu, the healer by telephone as is the physio, and the nurses. There is a Swiss book of them, but my physiotherapist swears by her.

I will do it Monday. With the four straight appointments, maybe the burning they've warned about will start...or not and it will help. I am curious.

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