Thursday, June 30, 2011

No to 5:55

I don’t care how cute the grey-haired technician is, he couldn’t talk me into changing my 13:30 nuking for 7 a.m. As I explained to him I would have had to be in the bus stop at 5:55. However, I did show up an hour early for my 11th nuking, so they took me then.

He had a good reason. Five Wednesdays in a row they adjust and service the machine, which explains the nuking schedule of Mon-Tues, Thur-Fri. On the sixth week they give a grand service to the machine starting Thur. afternoon and all day Fri.

Thank goodness, yesterday Fiorella had given me a ride. Exhaustion hit big time and I slept from 23:00 to close to 11:00 this morning. I made it through, happy that I now have three nuke-free days ahead. I even treated myself to pasta pesto at Pasta Primo before coming home for a nice long nap.

The weather is perfect, low 20s with a light bise that produced whitecaps on the lake.
The only downer was that the song played today was too low to really hear. I wasn’t sure of the language or the singer.

16 to go.

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