Saturday, May 7, 2016

The long and the short

I admit I'm vain, and with all the problems associated with cancer, losing one's hair shouldn't be top priority, BUT it was what really, really bothered me.

For years I'd been a red head using L'Oreal's 66.6.  I liked my hair to cover my face as well.

I was the one who shaved my head, wanting to control my own destiny.

And I did have fun selecting a wig, although I went for one more conventional then the one below.

Because I had a friend whose hair did not grow back, I worried until hair began appearing. Should I go back to my red locks?

I've opted for a whole new look and this weekend, I rolled it out.

Having coffee at the marché I co-opted a friend with really long hair (and she just cut off 18 inches) for a photo of contrasts. The long and the short, hair today, gone tomorrow, the sublime and the it what you will. I'm happy.

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