Saturday, March 5, 2016


It has been six weeks since my last chemo and I had hoped to see more fuzz on my head. 

I do worry about hair regrowth and although people tell me it will be better than before, I do have one friend whose hair never regrew.

Now I have liked having a couple of wigs where I can change my hair length instantly, and it is ever so easy in the morning to towel dry my head instead of blow drying my hair but I STILL WANT HAIR.

Rick called attention to the photo above.


If my hair doesn't grow back would that be a solution?

"We could get Pauline to do it. Or Miloud." He was referring to two beloved Argelès artists.

"Or Marco."

Maybe not Marco. Lovely man when sober. Not sure what he would do when he wasn't sober.

Then I realised, although I love the henna design, I don't have to be limited. I could have scenics, portraits, geometric designs.

I did look at the internet for products but I still hope my real hair regrows. At least I have plan B.

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